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How Chiropractic Can Help Sports Injuries

Not only can sports be very demanding on the mind, but they can also take a huge toll on the body. Given the stress that sports put on our bones, joints, and muscles, it’s important that we take necessary precautions and handle injuries properly.

While ice, rest, and surgery are great at healing sports injuries, chiropractic care has proven to be a very effective method for healing the body from an injury. However, it may be difficult to understand the benefits of chiropractic care. In this post, we’ll explain the top five ways chiropractic care can help sports injuries.


One of the biggest consequences of any sports injury is the pain involved. No matter what injury you’re dealing with, you probably experience some degree of pain. However, when you’re dealing with more extreme sports injuries, the pain can be unbearable. While many people take pills to ease pain, a much safer and more effective method involves chiropractic care.

Especially if you’re dealing with a neck injury or back injury, chiropractic can provide relief nearly instantly. When you see a sports injury chiropractor, they use a wide variety of non-surgical treatments to help take away the pain. These techniques also help to reduce inflammation and muscle tension.


While sports injuries can happen to anyone at any time, these injuries are sometimes caused by an unbalanced body. When our bodies aren’t aligned properly and our muscles or joints are having issues, that might lead to an injury. But after an injury occurs, our bodies can be more unbalanced than ever. Whether our bones are misaligned or our muscles are inflamed, that can lead to more severe problems with our bodies, which can last for years.

When you visit a sports injury chiropractor for a simple neck injury or something more severe, they can help adjust your body to keep it balanced and healthy. From manual adjustments to massage therapy, these chiropractors have what it takes to keep your body in proper alignment.


When someone is involved in a sports injury, it can sometimes take a huge toll on joint function. If these joints aren’t properly treated, that can lead to them not functioning properly and possibly further injuring the joints. Not only can your joint function be greatly affected, but improper joint function can lead to damage to surrounding bones and muscles.

There are a wide variety of techniques used by chiropractors to enhance joint function. Some of the common treatments are:

  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Stretching
  • Soft tissue manual therapy
  • Ultrasound

A chiropractor may use a combination of these to effectively treat the problem area and to restore and enhance joint function. From a common knee injury to issues in the shoulder, enhancing joint function is key to getting you back on the field or the court.


While sports injuries can lead to pain and severe discomfort, they can also mean a long recovery period. Depending on the severity of the injury, you can be sidelined for over a year. Although recovery can be annoying and time-consuming, a proper recovery plan can make you stronger than ever before.

There are some ways to effectively speed up the recovery period, one of which involves chiropractic care. If you choose a reliable and professional sports injury chiropractor, they’ll work with you to find a customized recovery plan that’s focused on your specific needs. If everything goes according to plan with your chiropractor, it’s possible to see very fast results.

If you’re relying on pain pills for your sports injury, it’s important to remember that the pills only temporarily relieve pain and don’t do anything to fix the underlying issue. Furthermore, if surgery is an option, we recommend you first focus on chiropractic, if possible. This non-invasive method can provide very speedy results without the need for a costly procedure and lengthy rehabilitation process.


Another way in which chiropractic can help sports injuries involves preventing further injury. While injuries can happen from a wide variety of causes, many of them involve further injuring an injury you previously had. For instance, if you had a knee injury or a back injury and it wasn’t treated properly, you may be more susceptible to injuring that area in the future. Since this area has previously caused you problems, it’s very possible to have that injury again or make the issue even worse with a more severe injury.

No matter what treatment method is used by a chiropractor, they all help to prevent future injury. Depending on what injury you’re dealing with, a chiropractor will develop a customized plan that will help to minimize the chances of more injuries down the road.


From a knee injury to a back injury to a neck injury, sports can cause many issues throughout the body. If you’re looking for a speedy, healthy, and non-invasive way to heal your mind and body, seeking chiropractic care is a fantastic option. Be sure to call your local Orlando sports chiro today to make an appointment for a free consultation!