Orlando Sports Injury Doctor

Written by: Dr. David Jenkins

Whether you are a professional athlete or just a casual sports hobbyist, a sports-related injury can happen at anytime, even when you least expect it. As mentioned above, even low to no contact activities such as cycling can still end in minor, moderate, and even severe injuries.


Regardless of whether you have suffered an acute injury while playing a sport or if years of activity are starting to take their toll on your body, Dr. Jenkins and his experienced staff have the knowledge, equipment, and skills necessary to help get you back out there!


Orlando Sports Injury Physician

Dr. Jenkins has many years of experience treating athletes with Spinal Disc injuries using spinal decompression and spinal traction, spinal rehabilitation, core strengthening rehabilitation, Acupuncture, Chiropractic Adjustments, and “MUA” Manipulation Under Anesthesia.

Dr. Jenkins also has advanced experience in rehabilitation with patients following surgery, fracture rehabilitation, severe neck and back injuries including cervical and lumbar disc herniations, and advanced experience including full rehabilitation on patients with sports injuries.

Doctor holding vertibrae demo