orlando tow truck guide
orlando tow truck guide

Orlando Tow Truck Guide

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Written by: Dr. David Jenkins

Published: March 4th, 2019

Automobiles in Orlando, Florida can be towed away for a multitude of reasons. Some, like getting into an accident, are completely beyond your control, while others, like leaving your car parked on private property, are totally your fault. What is sure though, is that there is no guarantee that you will know right off the bat what has happened to your car or how to get it back.

Finding your car is going to hinge largely on where it was parked at the time of its towing, with the prevailing understanding being that if it has been towed from municipal property, it is more than likely going to be towed to a local city impound lot, whereas if it has been towed from private property, it will now likely be in the possession of a private towing company.

Once it has been determined that your car was removed from private property, start to be on the lookout for official signage. By law, private property areas which tow violators are required to maintain visible Tow Away Zone signs, which will include the contact information of where your car has been taken.

Orlando Area Towing Companies

car being towed

If your vehicle has been towed in Orlando or the surrounding areas, there is a decent possibility that you car has ended up at one of the following impound lots/tow yards. If your vehicle is broken down and you require a tow, the below businesses would all be good options to lend assistance.

Tropical Towing & Roadside
Services offered: Impound Services, Flatbed towing, Roadside assistance, Lockouts
6149 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy
Kissimmee, FL 34747
(407) 717-4793

AA & D Towing Services
Services offered: Impound services, Flatbed towing, Jumpstarts, Gas service, Lockouts
S US Highway 17/92
Casselberry, Florida 32707
(407) 461-7506

Greyhound Automotive and Towing Inc.
Services offered: Towing services, Impound services, Gas service, Roadside assistance, Junk vehicle removal
Longwood, Florida 32750
(407) 965-8552

Orlando Towing Company
Services offered: Towing services, Wrecker services, Roadside assistance, Heavy duty towing
10195 Boggy Creek Rd.
Orlando FL 32824
(407) 720-9242

Just Us Towing
Services offered: Towing services, Impound services, Junk vehicle removal, Roadside assistance
3907 El Rey Rd.
Orlando, FL 32808
(407) 625-6133

DLJ Towing & Roadside Assistance
Services offered: Towing service, Winch-outs, Jumpstarts, Tire changes, Junk car removal
600 Ring Rd.
Orlando, Florida 32811
(407) 558-8238

Orlando Tow Group
Services offered: Local towing, Heavy duty towing, Roadside assistance, Jumpstarts
5764 N. Orange Blossom Trail #314
Orlando, FL 32810
(407) 917-2499

Able Towing & Roadside
Services offered: Towing service, Roadside assistance, Lockouts, Jumpstarts, Tire changes
9112 Boyce Avenue
Orlando, FL 32824
(407) 866-3572

Orange/Seminole County Police Phone Numbers

Orlando Police Department police car

If it can be determined that your vehicle was towed from public property, calling whichever police department is nearest by will likely be your best bet to retrieve it. They should be able to point you where to go, or let you know that the car was never towed, and that it might possibily be stolen instead.

If you need to contact the police, here are the current numbers for the local police departments of Orange County:

Apopka Police Department - (407) 703-1771
Eatonville Police Department - (407) 623-1300
Maitland Police Department - (407) 539-6262
Ocoee Police Department - (407) 905-3160
Orlando Police Department - (407) 246-2470
Windermere Police Department - (407) 876-3757
Winter Garden Police Department - (407) 656-3636
Winter Park Police Department - (407) 644-1313

And here are the numbers for Seminole County Police Departments:

Altamonte Springs Police Department - (407) 339-2441
Casselberry Police Department - (407) 262-7616
Lake Mary Police Department - (407) 585-1330
Longwood Police Department - (407) 260-3400
Oviedo Police Department - (407) 971-5700
Sanford Police Department - (407) 688-5070
Winter Springs Police Department - (407) 327-1000

What Happens If I Encounter My Car About To Be Towed Away?

man on phone near a tow truck

Here is a bit of little known information that can possibly save you a major headache! Did you know that if you come back to where your car is parked, and you find it connected to the tow truck, but the tow truck hasn't left yet, the driver is required by law to release your vehicle back to you as long as you pay what is known as a "drop fee?"

The drop fee is calculated by figuring out the towing rate for your vehicle and cutting that number in half. $125 is the standard tow rate for most vehicles, making the drop fee $62.50 in this example.

Also, you must be allowed at least 15 minutes to come up with the money before the tow truck driver is allowed to leave. They are also required to let you pay via debit or credit, and to provide you with a written receipt upon completed payment.

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